Violations and Punishments


  • Exhibit and sale of books and cultural articles not approved by the Ministry of Culture and Information

  • Exhibit and sale of faked books or cultural articles which are not original.

  • Exhibit or sales of books and cultural articles without authorization.

  • Exhibit or sale of books not enlisted in the Books Form.

  • Distribution of books, publications, tapes, or cultural articles without any prior written approval by the fair administration before two weeks of the opening.

  • Not complying with the set prices.

  • Selling big quantities unless by reference to the fair management and taking their approval.

  • Rent or concede the stand to others, or change the locations with others.

  •  Exhibit or sale non-educational toys at the book fair.

  • Offering teaching aids in stands that located in the book area that are not authorized or mentioned in the registration form.

  • The Exhibitor is not allowed to furnish more than stand entitlement, or else the publisher will be fined with the rent of any extra furniture or equipment found by the management unless there is an invoice that prove for additional equipment.

The punishments of the above violations will include

  • Closing and excluding the publisher.

  • The violating party is obliged to pay the full participation fees with no objection.

  • Inform the Publishers Union and the Exhibitions administration of the name of the violating party.

  •  Imposing penalty according to the rules and regulations of the fair.