General information

Support and show facilities

Jeddah International Book Fair will be held under the support of various competent authorities, which seeks to create a successful event from organizing, permissions, facilities for participants, exhibitors and visitors, beside the availability of multiple services at the event such as air-conditioned spaces, local and international communication services, stores, ease of access and many other services.

  • The Jeddah International book fair will issue entry visas to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the international participants. There are no separate charges to issue entry visas for Jeddah International book fair, only two visas for each participant with areas (12 - 18 sq meters) and one extra visa for any additional 12sq meter will be issued.

  • The participating parties should fill the representatives details in the form and send it to e-mail:

  • The passport copy for each representative should be attached with the form (Passport validity should not be less than six months before the opening date of the fair).

  • Last date to send the representatives details is 30/9/2019.

  • No application will be processed if the copy of the first installment of the total amount is not attached.

  • The fair administration cannot guarantee issuance of the visa and bear no responsibility for rejecting or delay in visa issuance by the concerned Government Authorities.

  • To download the representatives’ details form, please Click here 

  • It is essential to fill the books lists form as well as the books lists of the principals (if applicable) and send to e-mail:

  • The prices of all the books should be in Saudi Riyals only and any mistake in the prices will be the responsibility of the participating party.

  • Last date to receive the books lists is 30/9/2019.

  • To download the books lists form, please Click here 

The exhibitor badges will be distributed two days before the show opening day by the person in charge of the hall who will be available at the exhibitors’ service booth. Throughout the fair days, the exhibitor badge should be worn.

  • The administration of Jeddah International Book Fair will provide a recommendation letter to assist in the custom clearance processes.

  • The shipping, transportation, clearing operations is entirely the responsibility of the participants.

Stands furniture

Each stand is equipped with the necessary furniture suitable to fit the area of the stand as follows:

Area Of The Stand Partitions Banner Counters Shelves Unit
Corner Shelves Waste Basket Chairs
12 1 2 5 1 1 1
15 1 2 6 1 1 1
16 1 2 6 1 1 1
18 1 2 7 1 1 1
24 1 3 8 1 2 2
30 1 4 10 1 2 2
36 1 5 10 1 2 3
38 1 5 10 1 2 3
48 1 5 13 1 3 4
60 × × × × × × ×
96 × × × × × × ×
  • The space above 60 meters must abide by doing special decor, where equipment for this year does not support spaces above 60 meters.

  • In case the fair administration finds the number of furniture in each stand is more than the specified number, the participant has to pay the rental charges of the additional furniture. Or alternatively the participant has to show the rental invoice.

  • It is strictly forbidden to load the shelves with more than 10 Kg for each shelf which means 50 Kg to each selves unit in order not cause damages to the shelves. The participant has to pay the cost of the damages in case of violating the regulations.

  • The stands will be available for exhibitors before the opening 48 hours to arrange their stands.

  • Contractors of decorations for participants must enter the location 20 days before the opening, and they have to leave the location before week from the opening.