Exhibitor Registration


  • Applications should be sent through the electronic site dedicated to the International Jeddah Book Fair.

  • Applications will commence from 15/5/2019.

  • The Fair administration will not give any guarantee that the participation application will be approved, besides the electronic registration and receiving of the application will not mean that the registration or the participation is accepted.

  • The Fair administration will send a notification to the participating party by email that their participation been accepted, enclosing attachments of the participation contract and the participation invoice.

  • The participation amount must be transferred within one week after the date the contract is signed.

  • The last date for receiving the lists of the books is 30/9/2019.

  • The last date for accepting visa requests is 30/9/2019.

  • The last date for receiving the book consignments at the fair location is 20 November 2019 Two weeks before the opening of the exhibition.

  • The stands will be available for exhibitors on Wednesday 27 November 2019.

  • The participating parties should finish arranging their stands last by noon on Tuesday 3 December 2019.

  • The fair site will be cleared off by the end of Saturday 14 December 2019, while all the exhibited items should be cleared finally by the last hours of Sunday, 15 December 2019


  • The minimum area limit to participate is 12sq meters or as per space availability. The fair administration has the right to decide the location of the stand as it deems most suitable in the interest of the show.

  • The rate per sq meter is (SR 750) (US$ 200).

  • In the absence of a formal authorization, no participating party has the right to exhibit other than their own published items.

  • The authorization fees for the Saudi publishing houses is (SR 300) and (SR 500) for the Arab and international publishing houses, subject to the conditions that the authorization letters should not exceed (3) applications for the Saudi publishers and only one application for the Arab and international publishers.

  • only one application for the Arab and international publishers.

  • The party participating in the fair must have a license also, should be a publishing house that had published more than 60 topics.

  • It is a condition that the books which will be exhibited are approved by the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Media, while the exhibitor will be responsible for whatever is shown in his stand other than approved books/exhibits.

  • All Participating books should not be prohibited by the law in the kingdom and do not include any of the prohibitions in Article ninth or Article eighteenth Of the Saudi Printing and Publishing System or contrary to orders and instructions in this regard. Each exhibitor is responsible for what he displays in his stand.

  • No participating party in the books hall is allowed to bring toys, educational aids, stationery, or any kind of equipment, school supplies, and university supplies. In the event of irregularities, the booth will close and the tenant is required to pay the full participation fee without any objection.

  • Through email, the fair administration will notify the participating party of the approval to participate, and in this email, the size of the participation and total value will be advised.

  • The participating party at the show should sign the Contract and transfer the participation amount within one week after the participating approval date to the following account

    Al Harthy Company for Exhibitions Ltd National Commercial Bank, Al Naeem Branch

    Account Number: 13548411000204

    IBAN: SA56 1000 0013 5484 1100 0204


  • The participating party should send a copy of the Bank Transfer which shows clearly the full name of the participating party, country, city, and the amount transferred to the following email: sales@jeddahbookfair.com In case of non-receipt of the bank transfer, the fair administration will consider that no payment been made by the participating party.

  • The amount to be transferred should be the total actual amount of the participation, while the participating party should bear all the banking charges.

  • In the case of withdrawal of the participating party or cancellation of their participation for any reason, the participating party has no right to claim a refund of the participation fee, unless accepted by the fair administration.

  • The fair administration makes it a must that all the participating parties should fill the books list form showing all their books and the books of their principals (if applicable) using excel form and send it to the email: support@jeddahbookfair.com. 30/9/2019 will be the deadline to receive the books list.

  • For every 12sq meters two entry visas will be issued, and one extra visa for every additional 12sq meters. The participating parties should fill the relevant form. No consideration will be given to any request if not attached to the main visa request. 30/9/2019 will be the deadline to receive the visa requests.

  • The fair administration will not guarantee visa issuance and will not be responsible for any delay or revocation by the concerned authorities.

  • It is forbidden to sell the Holy Quran, whether printed or digital, except the King Fahd Complex for Printing the Holy Quran in Medina.

  • A list of the contents of each package together with a showing off all the topics in each package and the number of copies of each topic should be attached, and the publisher is responsible if otherwise.

  • In each book, the international barcode should be printed coinciding with the international standards, namely ISBN13 or EAN13 and ensure being readable by the barcode readers.

  • During the registration of the barcode, ensure entering the correct and exact barcode otherwise in case of any difference between the barcode number and the book details, the book will be rejected from the list of books that will be exhibited by the publisher.

  • The participating publishing houses should abide by mentioning the prices on the exhibited books.

  • The exhibited books should be suitable for the size of the participants as piling the books in the fair will not be allowed, as well no storage cases will be allowed in the stands.

  • The participating parties will not be allowed to make changes or modifications within the specified area without the permission of the fair administration.

  • All the participating parties should abide by the regulations and timings fixed by the administration of the fair, and any infringement will give the administration the right to reject or cancel the participation bearing no legal responsibility.

  • The participating parties should strictly observe the regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • In general, all should observe the conditions and rules set by the fair.

  • The fair administration has the right to reject the participation of any party that is unable to fulfill the conditions without giving reasons.

  • The department of Exhibitions may prevent or withdraw any book from the Participating Party and confiscate the quantity without giving any reason.


  • Exhibit and sale of books and cultural articles not approved by the Ministry of Culture and Information

  • Exhibit and sale of faked books or cultural articles which are not original.

  • Exhibit or sales of books and cultural articles without authorization.

  • Exhibit or sale of books not enlisted in the Books Form.

  • Distribution of books, publications, tapes, or cultural articles without any prior written approval by the fair administration before two weeks of the opening.

  • Not complying with the set prices.

  • Selling big quantities unless by reference to the fair management and taking their approval.

  • Rent or concede the stand to others, or change the locations with others.

  • Exhibit or sale non-educational toys at the book fair.

  • Offering teaching aids in stands located in the book area that are not authorized or mentioned in the registration form.

  • The Exhibitor is not allowed to furnish more than stand entitlement, or else the publisher will be fined with the rent of any extra furniture or equipment found by the management unless there is an invoice that proves for additional equipment.

The punishments of the above violations will include

  • Closing and excluding the publisher.

  • The violating party is obliged to pay the full participation fees with no objection.

  • Inform the Publishers Union and the Exhibitions administration of the name of the violating party.

  • Imposing penalty according to the rules and regulations of the fair.

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